Victorya Pictures

Whatever Shot it Takes to Tell Your Story through Video Production, Photography & #SocialMedia

At Victorya Pictures we focus on utilising our filmmaking skill set and taking it to the next level. Cooperating with phenomenal people inspire us to do whatever shot it takes to produce the best motion pictures. Creative industry has been our aim since we can remember and Victorya Pictures is the opportunity to make our vision come true.

Motion Pictures being the backbone of our storytelling and the best way to capture emotions deepened by sounds and silence.

Battle of the Bars 12 - TEASER - BodyPower Expo 2016 [PROMOTION]

Battle of the Bars 12 - MAIN EVENT - BodyPower Expo 2016 [PROMOTION]

Ex-soldier faces his biggest enemy from the past [SHORT FILM]

100Rep Challenge at Glasgow SFN Expo 2015 [PROMOTION]

Santa's calisthenics adventure with street workout in Edinburgh [SHORT FILM]

Life in ten seconds [SHORT FILM]

Three completely different people and one unique story [SHORT FILM]