Victorya Pictures

Whatever Shot it Takes to Tell Your Story through Video Production, Photography & #SocialMedia

At Victorya Pictures we focus on utilising our filmmaking skill set and taking it to the next level. Cooperating with phenomenal people inspire us to do whatever shot it takes to produce the best motion pictures. Creative industry has been our aim since we can remember and Victorya Pictures is the opportunity to make our vision come true.

Peter’s time spent on movie sets as a kid let him grow up with the belief that thinking outside the box was still limited, so he got rid of the box entirely. His creativity has led him to get his hands on an Oscar, albeit one belonging to Andrzej Wajda, during a project. Trying always to find the best way of expressing himself he became the heart and soul of the company, ‘The Creator’. 


Andrzej Wajda Documentary  2010

Glasgow 48 Hour Film Project 2012

Greg’s ‘let’s do it’ approach always pushes him into action. His love of motion pictures flourished at a young age due to time he spent on movie sets. The favourite question ‘Why?’ led him to Wroclaw University of Technology where he acquired his multidisciplinary knowledge. This developed mixed skill set led him to become the brain and spirit of the company, ‘The Drive’.


Having got the most of the place where we grew up, we decided to move to the UK in order to master the filmmaker’s language. Our complimentary skills, genuine passion for creative work and the primary school high-five that sealed the deal, resulted in the birth of Victorya Pictures.